Plant Food


A small box that has both solid & liquid fertilizers by Durabloom. Each box can supply needed nutrients to ensure proper growth of any plants our #GROWERS’ has. You can choose from either the Durabloom Pellets + Foliar Fertilizer (liquid) or the Durabloom Pelletized Fertilizer. 

Durabloom Pellets + Foliar Fertilizer Contents:

  • 200 grams of Durabloom Pelletized Organic Fertilizer
  • 100 ml of Durabloom Foliar Fertilizer

Durabloom Pellets Contents:

  • 200 grams of Durabloom Pelletized Organic Fertilizer


Durabloom Organic Fertilizer (Pellets)

1. Pull the seal (plastic tab) from your Plant Food bag.

2. Crush the pellets or cut them into small pieces (optional)

3. Broadcast the fertilizer at the base of your plants, a couple of inches away from the stem

4. Make sure to water your plants after broadcasting the fertilizer.

5. Do this 2x (twice) a month preferably in the morning.

Fertilization Guide:

1. Start putting fertilizer when your plants reach 4-5 Inches

2. 4-5 Inches - 3-4 Pellets - 2X a month

3. 5-12 Inches - 1 tablespoon - 2X a month

4. Full Grown Plants - 1 handful - 2X a month


Durabloom Organic Fertilizer (Foliar)

1. Carefully pull the vacutainer cap.

2. Mix contents of vacutainer with 1 Liter of water.

3. Put in a sprayer and spray onto the leaves of your plants

4. You can also use the dilluted solution to drench your soil.

5. Start admistering foliar fertilizer when your plants has enough leaves.

6. Do this twice a month.

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