Business Development Associate

Interested to build a career with us? Get in touch by calling / texting or sending us an email at 0917 544 11 07 or We've germinated the most Millennial-friendly compensation package ever. So come, let's build our dreams together. :)

WE NEED HELP. We are looking for a friend who shares the same vision and passion with us. An individual who’d rather discuss industry-changing ideas over a cup of coffee, in a couch, or while walking and kicking stones around the metro at 4:30PM; A person who loathes nonsensical, strict, long and formal meetings and would rather use actual EDIBLE PIES (we prefer pumpkin), and garlic bread sticks to discuss the boring and mundane “business” side of things.


A person who wouldn’t say “I WORK FOR MNLGROWKITS” but would rather say “I AM MNLGROWKITS” not because we train or we force them to, but because they actually feel that they are a part of MNLGROWKITS.


We’re not looking for zombies and monsters that only work because they feel pressured and obliged to do so. We’re looking for human beings capable and wise enough to grapple through the chaotic day-to-day activities of running a modern-day agriculture start-up. Human beings who try their very best to accomplish things not because they need to, but because they really want to.


We don’t need your CV, Transcript or your graduation picture. We’re more interested with what’s on your iTunes playlist, what’s up with the blue hair, or the story behind your butterfly tattoo. Talk to us, introduce yourself and let’s take it from there.


This is not a job post; this is an open invitation to everybody who needs the freedom, opportunity and platform to showcase their unique sales and marketing capabilities.


We’ve come a long way since we planted our first basil. It’s time we let other people plant their own seeds in our garden.


So come, let’s grow together.