Sow & Gro for Education

KNOWLEDGE is pepper! Fine, power. Sow & Gro for EDUCATION is our most technically supported grow kit package yet! Sow & Gro for EDUCATION works by empowering educational institutions with high-performing organic Grow kits paired with top-notch technical support, 100% customizability, germination guarantee, and complimentary products. A mouthful of words and promises that make up a simple, challenging but emotionally and mentally rewarding school project that is not only 100% fun but is also 100% relevant.  

Be sure to harvest fruits, not frustration.

Before letting your students open our Grow kits, we’ll make sure that all your teachers, professors and/or project facilitators are equipped with all the necessary technical skills to make sure that your students can harvest fruits and not frustration. 

Multi-platform technical support.

Just like teaching your students, growing a plant can be tricky at times. That’s why we’re making all our technical representatives available to assist and answer your questions during an active project cycle. Get direct access to EVARON Farms’ technical representatives via its Social Media Accounts, Email, SMS, and Voice, 8-hours a day, 5 days a week.  

100% Customizable, look and feel.

We’re giving you full control of our Grow kit’s packaging, look and feel. You can customize how you want your label to look like. Put a picture of a lion in it, a falcon, tiger or a worm. We won’t judge you. As long as you want it we’ll help you put it in it. We know it’s not 100% customizable without giving you full control of what’s inside YOUR Grow kits. Just tell us your preferred plant(s) and we’ll research and create a special planting program just for you. 

Greenhouse ready.

Just like your students, plants need shelter too! MNLGrowkits maintains strong relationships with different companies that can make your greenhouse dreams a reality. We can assist you in planning, designing and ultimately linking you with reliable companies who can fabricate them for you.   

Free award-winning foliar fertilizer nourishment.*

Aside from our high-performing Grow kits, 100% customizability and top-notch technical support, all Sow & Gro for EDUCATION plants under and even after* a project cycle is guaranteed to receive free Durabloom Organic Foliar nourishment during its ENTIRE LIFE CYCLE. PROMISE. 

Germination Guarantee.*

Just like relationships we know how heartbreaking it is to spend your time effort and love fostering something that just wont work. So to spare your students from doing #hugot tweets and posts, all grow kits under the Sow & Gro for EDUCATION comes with free GERMINATION GUARANTEE*. Extra seeds will be provided to make sure that your students has enough spare seeds to have a successful grow. 

Contact us and schedule a presentation so we can show you the amazing possibilities and benefits of our Grow kits. You can contact Carlo at 0917-544-1107, and
Free award winning nourishment* - Institutions will receive free Durabloom Organic Foliar Fertilizer for plants grown under Sow & Gro for EDUCATION program. Terms and conditions apply.
Germination guarantee* - GERMINATION GUARANTEE works by compensating the % number of seeds that are most likely to die during germination*. Extra seeds will be provided to make sure that your students has enough spare seeds to have a successful grow.