Blue Lake- Is a popular pole snap bean variety with proven performance and resistance to rust. It has very high quality, straight and stringless, delicious pods. Pods are about 14–15 cm long, round and with medium dark green color. First picking may be made at  62 days. This variety is noted for its long productive lifespan.Boy Negro

Boy Negro- It  produces flat, broad, green pods and is black-seeded. It grows 15 cm in length and matures 45 days after sowing. It is a hardy plant, easy to grow, has long productivity and is resistant to Bean Rust.

Claudine- Is a French bush bean variety that produces fine, very tender and delicious pods. First picking is at 35 to 40 days from sowing. If picked early, pods are tastier and  more tender.

Contender- Is a wide-seeded, widely adapted bush bean variety that produces good quality pods under a wide range of agronomic conditions with no trellising needed. It is easy to grow, and has concentrated production. First picking is at 45–50 days after sowing.  It is tolerant to some races of Powdery Mildew.