Dirt & Dung All Purpose Potting Mix - 1 KG

Our most flexible potting mix. D&D All Purpose Potting mix is composed of CRH, sand / pumice and coconut coir dust. This potting mix is also infused with Durabloom Organic Fertilizer to make sure it has all the nutrients needed to kickstart your planting journey. 

This mix is great for optimum growth of seedlings up to their transplanting stage. This medium can also be used to support adult plants. Ideal for topping up your pots with that much needed soil when your soil looks depleted and sad. :(

Use this on all plants that you can think of! Flowering, Green Leafy, Vegetables and fruits. It won't disappoint, PROMISE!. 


VOLUME: 1KG is equivalent/good for 2 BIG COCONUT COIR POTS. 

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