Terms and Conditions

Product Warranty

Our organic grow kits contains real plant seeds and because of the varying nature of the conditions that the seeds are grown into, seeds can die during or after germination.

Since we use the same inputs (seeds, growing mix, fertilizer & pots) in our own gardens, we know and we're very confident that they can grow well. If the received grow kit consists of any cosmetic defects, specifically on the coconut husk pot, we would be glad to replace it for you provided you show evidence of the said defect.

In the event that the grow kit lacks certain materials such as seeds, fertilizer or soil, we will be glad to provide you with them at no extra charge. 

Return Policy

Due to the varying factors of growing and caring for your grow kit, our return policy is only limited to any cosmetic defects that the kit may have and only within seven (7) days fro purchase.

Our grow kits are guaranteed to sprout depending on how well you take care of the plant grow kit. Our website has thorough information on how to care for your plant. 


We think you’ll agree with us when we say that ANYTHING detached from the ceiling becomes a weapon when handled by children under 36 months. There’s dirt, seeds, some plastic and a whole lot of things that can choke your kids. So please keep the grow kits away from your angels.