Who Are We?

We are a team of Millennials inspired to create vital changes in the urban gardening scene. As the first one to offer organic plant kits in the Philippines, we also went through the process our growers go through -- from the excitement of seeing a sprout from our newly sowed plants until the time we get to harvest and use our plants in our daily cookouts or just an additional design to our humble abodes.

The Way We Work

We are far from the traditional companies out there. We are very millennial, our headquarters during our meetings are the likes of co-working spaces, coffee shops to get us caffeinated and restaurants that are sure to make our bellies full.

Tech Savvy

Most of us are always out exploring the world, believe it or not, we are supportive of each other whenever there’s someone who flies out. That is because, we can still get things done easily through facetime, skype calls, telegram chats and through google drive.

We Are for a #GreenerMNL

With all our best efforts out, We are here to create change, one plant at a time. We aspire a #GreenerMNL for our future generations.

Don’t Worry, We’re Really Helpful!

We also went through with frustrations of not being able to grow a plant properly but as what they say, Practice makes perfect, we are able to work hard on it and outshined the Master Growers in us. If you are feeling confused in what to do, we are here to support you in your grow-your-own journey.


We are here to #SeedTheDifference One Plant at a time