Our Vision

97% Biodegradable

Almost all packaging materials used in our Grow kits are biodegradable. Our Grow kits contain 3 pieces of non-biodegradable, non-recycled plastic to make sure that all seeds and fertilizers included in our Grow kits retain their quality and freshness. 

50% Love / 50% Passion. 100% Human. 

All our Grow kits are packed and prepared by real humans. From repacking our seeds to bagging our potting mix, everything you see inside our Grow kits are carefully prepared by our MNLGrowkits' staff under the strict supervision of EVARON Farm technical representatives. 

What we saw lacking.

We envision a Manila full of individuals who are patient and caring enough to wait for a seed to germinate. Juan and Juanas who are smart and brave enough to know and accept the fact that people, just like plants, need some space and time to fully flourish and bloom. Manilenos who enjoy holding dirt, people who are always hungry to feel alive. People who see value in real-life interactions either with Mother Nature or with another people.

Our dreams are obviously not bounded by the size of the box of our Grow kits, we dream of a more emotionally connected manila, the kind of city where and human-human interaction can be seen everywhere a kind of city where plants are grown by its dwellers. A city where every plant and greenery has a story. :)