Just when you thought your customers are clamoring for more notebooks and planners for your next anniversary or event, YOU’RE TOTALLY WRONG. Truth of the matter is, you’ve given them enough fuel to provide fire for cooking for the next 3 years. Congrats. And yes, sadly, you’ve also miscalculated that with your ball pens, umbrellas and mugs.
Sow & Gro for CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY works not by cutting down trees and turning them into paper. It works by providing companies with high-performing, organic Grow kits that is 100% customizable and adaptable to any company’s unique branding DNA. A highly interactive and memorable corporate giveaway that not only stops, but actually reverses all harmful effects of logging caused by your yearly planners and notebooks.

100% Customizable, look and feel.

We’re giving you full control of our Grow kit’s packaging, look and feel. You can customize how you want your label to look like. Put a picture of your CEO, a falcon, or a humungous Zit in it. Go Avant-garde with black & white or go full retard with eye-straining neon color combinations. We won’t judge you. As long as you want it we’ll try our very best to zip our mouth and execute it.  

Unique corporate giveaways in 30 days or less*.

We start off by meeting your representatives face to face for a simple project briefing and expectations setting. After agreeing and understanding how you want things to be done, we’ll try our very best to deliver your Grow kits within 30 days*.  

Be hassle free with free delivery.

We know how toxic an event or the holiday season can get that’s why all Sow & Gro for SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Grow kits comes with free one day, multiple-location delivery! We’ll delivery your Grow kits wherever your warehouses are in metro manila*.  

A unique giveaway that is 100% in sync and rooted to your corporate branding’s DNA.

When we say 100% you, we really mean it that’s why we’re giving you full control of what’s outside AND INSIDE your Grow kits. We can’t promise to understand why you’d want Patola seeds in your Grow kits, but again we’re not here to judge, we’re here to help and make sure YOUR brands grow with YOUR plants. No matter what.  

Signed by you, packed, sealed and delivered by us*

We’re making it ultra easy for you to send your Grow kits to your customers. Give us your mailing list and we can make all the necessary arrangements to make sure that your precious giveaways are packed, signed, sealed and delivered to their rightful growers the way you want it and as scheduled.  

Your event made brighter by our thousand-watts smile.

Aside from all the flexibility and control we’re giving you with our Grow kits, we can also put-up a simple booth at your event. We’ve devoted so much time and passion boxing our babies and we wouldn’t mind going the extra mile of handling them personally to your guests at your spectacular event.  

Living Grow kits that can withstand the test of time.

We’ve reversed our packaging process to make sure that your Grow kits have the freshest seeds. Unlike our standard packaging process, Seeds on Sow & Gro for CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY are re-packed and placed lastly just before the box is sealed to ensure freshness.