Bush Sitao Brutus- Bush Sitao (Vigna unguiculata subsp. sesquipedalis) is grown throughout the year. Unlike its counterpart (pole sitao), this plant does not need trellises. It is an easy grower and the pod picking is endless. It is absolutely direct seeded. Plants thrive well with temperature ranges from 25 – 35oC. Plants mature at 45 – 50 days after sowing. 

Pole Sitao Sandigan Premium(Vigna unguiculata)-  is one of the most widely grown vegetable in the country, as it can be grown all year round. It is well adapted to the lowland tropics with a temperature range of 25-35oC. It grows best under full sunlight although it can also tolerate partial shading. Plants mature at 75-85 days after sowing.