Black Behi- This selection has proven adaptability
in a wide range of Philippine climatic conditions. It is selected for weight and uniformity. The plants are vigorous and large, forming thick petioles originating from its broad, thick and compact base.
Flowering Pechay Choi Sum- This variety has petioles and leaves that tend to be less massive than the ordinary pechay types. They have small flowers that grow on top of an erect flower stalks. The whole plants are harvested in about 30-40 days after sowing and should be taken when two or three flowers have opened.
Pechay Green ShingKang is also known as  “The Supermarket Standard For Green Pechay” Fast-growing, uniform & vigorous variety with narrow intermediate green petiole & distinctive spoon-shaped leaves.Shanghai Green A heat tolerant variety that is tough and sturdy with thick and heavy petioles.
Baby Pak Choi  known as “Perfect for Asian dishes” A dwarf pechay with short, broad pearly white, crunchy petiole and dark green blistered leaves that is perfect for stir-fried and soup dishes. A very fast grower.