Holiday Seedling Kit



1. Delivery Promise: All PRE-ORDERED HOLIDAY KITS (Garden, Duo, Plant & Seedling Kits) will be delivered STARTING November 25, 2019 - December 8, 2019. If you need your holiday kits EARLIER, please do let us know by shooting us an email at or SMS/Call at 0917 571 11 07.

2. Required Downpayment: At least 50% of your order must be paid ON OR BEFORE THE DISCOUNT BRACKET ENDS. (e.g. You must pay at least 50% of your orders on or before October 31, 2019 to enjoy 35% OFF. If you fail to do so, your orders will be recalculated and be adjusted to the succeeding discount bracket of 30% - November 1, 2019 - November 15, 2019)

3. Full Payment: All orders must be fully paid ON OR BEFORE November 30, 2019. All unpaid orders WITH NO DOWNPAYMENT will be cancelled. All orders WITH DOWN PAYMENT that aren't fully paid ON OR BEFORE NOVEMBER 30, 2019 will be adjusted to reflect SRP of the grow kits. 

4. Dispatching Schedule: Orders that are paid in full will be lined up for delivery first. We'll send an email once your orders are dispatched.


The smallest grow kit in the line. It has everything you need to grow your seedlings that you can eventually transfer to their own pots or garden beds. 

This Organic Seedling Kit Contains:

Pots, Markers & Instructions

  • 1 Mini Coconut Husk Starter Pot 
  • 1 Quick Start Guide


  • 1 Packet of Plant Seeds 

Soils & Fertilizers

  • 1 Pack Fertilizer-Infused Starting Compost

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