Grow Kit Components

Our organic grow kits are our pride and joy. Every component is carefully thought of and handpicked. 

Familiarize yourself with the different kit components so you know how to get the most of them and why they were chosen. 

Grow Kit Components

1) Coconut Husk Pot

The pot is made from coconut husks. These are biodegradable pots. Their sizes differ depending on the grow kit that you bought (seedling kit or plant kit).

But regardless of the size, the reason we used coconut husks is whenever it is time or you decide to transfer your plant to a bigger area (like a garden or a plant box), all you have to do is place the entire pot in the soil. There is no need to remove it and risk damaging the roots, which usually happens when you use plastic pots. Also, they keep your soil devoid of excess water so you don’t accidentally kill your plants by overwatering. 


2) Potting Mix (Soil)

The potting mixture is specifically formulated to sustain the plant from germination to harvest (except for the tree kit). Our potting mix is made up of coconut coir dust, garden soil, carbonized rice hull and organic fertilizer in specific quantities to ensure proper growth and support the nutritional requirements of your growing plant.

This special formulation was specifically developed to allow the mixture to hold enough moisture which is crucial for germination while allowing to keep nutrients that are essential for growth. 

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3) Seed Packet

This contains the seeds you will use to grow your plant. Please take note that plants have different germination rates and time. Some seeds may take more time to sprout than others.

4) Organic Fertilizer (Durabloom)

Made up of 100% processed chicken manure, it has been hailed as the gold-standard organic fertilizer in the Philippines. You’d be needing this to sustain the nutritional requirements of your plants 2-3 weeks after they sprout.

5) Plant Marker

Use this to label your plant and give it a name. I normally just write the plant name and the date I sowed the seeds. Some people use it creatively like giving your basil plant the name “Basil Valdez.”

Note that not all kits have plant markers. To be more specific, the seedling kit doesn't have one, while the plant kit and garden kits have them. 

6) Instruction Manual

This is a small packet of information enough to get you started with growing your first plant


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These are the components of our grow kits. If you want to learn more about them, or if you have more questions, just let me know and I’d be glad to help.

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