Are Your Sow & Gro Plants Organic?

Organic plants are plants that are grown through organic methods. That means not adding any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. If that is the question, then yes, our plants are organic.

However, we have to be honest with you.

When you break down the different components of our grow kits, they are not 100% organic.

The seeds are the culprit.

This is also the reason why we made this article to clarify that. Not all the components of our grow kits are organic; however, if you grow the plant without using chemicals (i.e. just using the components we have in the grow kit), the resulting plant is organic.

What Are Organic Plants and Organic Gardening

A basic definition of organic gardening is gardening without synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. But organic gardening is much more than simply replacing manmade chemicals with those derived from natural sources. It is a philosophy of gardening that supports the health of the whole system. In an organically managed yard or vegetable garden the emphasis is on cultivating an ecosystem that sustains and nourishes plants, soil microbes and beneficial insects rather than simply making plants grow.

If you noticed earlier I mentioned that the seeds are the culprit. We get our seeds from commercial and local OPV suppliers. They are usually treated so they last longer and achieve higher rates of germination.

For a seed to be called organic, it has to be certified first. Simply put, organic seeds here in the Philippines are: (1) hard to come by, and (2) substantially expensive.

One of the requirements for seeds to be certified organic is it has to be grown and harvested from certified organic plants.

What that means is you start growing the plant organically, say tomatoes. After it has flowered and produced actual tomatoes, you then take and harvest the seeds, and that’s the only time you can claim that your seeds are Organic.

It’s very difficult to do because germination rate is low.

You also run the risk of pests, etc.

One thing to note as well is that very few companies seek organic certification for their seeds. They usually just certify the crops/produce.

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