Mushroom Kit: Backstory, Research and Development, and Collaboration

We just released our Coffee Mushroom Kits last week. It's the result of a collaboration with other organizations and the feedback we've been getting from our customers. 

Backstory of the Mushroom Kit

Sometime last year, we had a chance to collaborate with Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. We learned that they have an abundant supply of used coffee grounds. 

That's when the seed was planted. 

In Q1 of this year, we were trying to collaborate with Perfect Mushrooms to come up with a mushroom grow kit. 

The main reason why we wanted to come up with a mushroom grow kit is to fill a void in the market. A lot of our customers keep asking if they can grow their plants indoors specifically in spots/areas that has very limited access to sunlight.  

But most of the plants we sell require sunlight. That makes it hard for people living in condos and apartments to start their own garden at home. 

Mushrooms don't require any light to grow, making it the most logical/ideal product for people who live in condos and apartments -- where there is limited access to sunlight. 

With these insights, we pitched our idea to CBTL's marketing team to upcycle their used coffee grounds to be used in a mushroom grow kit. 

Research and Development

It took us almost 3 months to finish the R&D process and another month for the testing. 

The Coffee Mushroom Grow Kit that we have on our store right now was reformulated three times. We had to get the best formulation that allows it grow the most mushrooms. 

After some internal testing, we asked some of our customers to help us find the best methodology to grow the mushrooms the most. 

We sent out 100 trial bags (called fruiting bags).

During this trial, we asked people to test whether soaking or spraying methodology was better. We also ask for storing conditions, room temperature, and where they placed the fruiting bags -- like if it's just inside their bedroom where no light is present, or if it's in their kitchen where there is little light). 

The result: the easiest and most convenient way of growing the mushrooms is soaking. And that's what we used for the packaging instructions. 

That means, when you get your mushroom grow kits, all you need to do is open the bag, soak it in water, and wait for your mushrooms to grow. From there, you can harvest the mushrooms and use it in recipes that call for mushrooms! 

CBTL and their Coffee Grounds

It has been CBTL's long-term goal to become a zero-waste company. This collaboration is one step closer towards helping them achieve that vision of lessening, if not eliminating their wastes. 

The Storytelling Project

The Storytelling Project is a non-profit organization committed to instilling the habit of reading to children as an enjoyable experience, a lovable activity to learn, and an avenue to spark creativity. 

A portion of the proceeds for every purchase of the CBTL x MNLGrowkits x Perfect Mushrooms Grow Kits are donated to the Story Telling Project. 


Looking to find the perfect Christmas gift? Or want to start growing your own food but have limited access to sunlight? The Coffee Mushroom Grow Kit is the perfect grow kit for you. 

PS: We only have limited quantities of this. As of the time of this writing, we only have a little over 50 kits available. 

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