How to Grow Your Own Plant

Growing your own plant can be daunting at first. This is especially true if the only background with planting you have is that of growing monggo seeds. 

I should know. Because that's the only experience I had with growing plants. 

This article will give you enough knowledge to allow you to grow your first plant -- no green thumbs required! 

How to Get Started

1) Unboxing

Make sure you have all the components. Put them all on a table and take lots of pictures. Don’t forget to tag us @mnlgrowkits :-)

2) Soil Preparation

Pour the soil into the pot. Because we designed every component, when I say pour the soil, I meant empty the soil into the pot. Don’t worry, it won’t spill over. Next is pour water into the soil to dampen it (remember our lesson on damp / moist vs dripping wet?).

This is the preferred environment of the seeds. Also, don’t worry if you poured too much water. Excess water will drip at the bottom ensuring that the pot is well-drained.

3) Sowing Time

Take a couple of seeds (3-10) pieces and put them on the soil. What I do is I take the plant marker and use it to “slice” the soil to get an opening around 2-3mm deep. Then, I drop my seed there. 

Note that seeds need air to germinate too. If you are wondering how to measure the right sow depth, just remember this: the sow depth should be just about the seed’s height.

4) Keep the Environment Moist

Get a plastic or some other material that you can cover to keep the soil damp. At this point, there is no need to put them on direct sunlight as moisture is the seeds’ best friend. In a few days, you should see some sprouts.

One hack I use, because I grow numerous plants at a time is get a plastic shoe box and placed my pots inside. Twice everyday, I just spray water inside the box. So there's no more need to use a plastic to keep the soil moist.

Here are some photos from other #GROWERS to keep you inspired:

Now, it’s your turn. Don’t forget to take photos of your plant and tag us on social media! 


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