Top 5 Plants for First Time #GROWERS

Not all plants are created equal. There are some that you have special requirements like trellis or 90% sun exposure. And then there are those which you plant and will almost always grow. 

Top 5 Plants for First Time Growers

1) Basil 

Aside from the fact that basil is really really really easy to grow, it’s one of the many herbs out there that has the most fragrant and flavorful leaves. A must have for pasta fanatics and Asians alike, Basil sports big, overly green and bushy foliage that provides immediate mental and emotional satisfaction from your hard work.

SOW & GRO IT! Since basil loves the sun, you can plant them anytime of the year. Plant them in full sun and be sure to fertilize the soil with plenty of organic nutrients like Durabloom Pelletized Organic Fertilizer. From the moment you sow, expect tendrils to show up within 7 days and it should be just weeks of minimal care before you can start harvesting.
USE IT: Start trimming and getting leaves when your basil reaches 6 inches tall. We’re pretty sure that you’re thinking of PESTO right now, but hey, basil is also amazing with tomato, arugula, salt and pepper!

2) Mint

Just like basil, MINT is also perfect for beginners, as it requires very little care. Aside from its amazing taste, mint is also famous for its very aromatic leaves. Whether you’re craving for something bold and healthy meal, or dying to drink the stress away (yes! We hear you clearly. MOJITO!) MINT can serve you in many ways, in many days.
SOW & GRO IT: While mints love the sun, they also appreciate partial shade. Be sure to water them regularly but never drown them. Keep them happy by spraying or watering them with Durabloom Organic Foliar Fertilizer diluted in water every 2 days. Control your mints’ growth by putting them in bottomless plastic pots that is planted in the soil.
USE IT: Start harvesting when they reach 6-8 inches tall. Crush it, dry it or mince it it’s all up to you how you want it. When the moment calls for a flavorful kick cut some leaves and use it to your hearts content

3) Cucumber

We really don’t know why cats hate them but we’re pretty sure that you’ll be pleased to know that cucumbers are fairly easy to grow. This warm-season vegetable is famous for it’s skin-glowing properties, one of the many reasons why it’s in everyone’s top 10 favorite vegetables. Drink it to have that glow-from-within complexion or use it as an eye patch to tame those wild eye bags of yours; its use is virtually endless.
SOW & GRO IT! Plant your cucumbers in full sun and be sure to water them regularly. It is recommended for you to use loose potting mix to aide root growth and fruiting. Better to choose vining varieties, as they produce more fruit than non-vining ones. Once vines start to creep, be sure to provide trellis around the plant to help it climb its way up. Trellis will also keep your fruits off the ground making it easier to pick and less prone to diseases.
USE IT: You can start picking as soon as fruit is big enough to “use”. The more you harvest, the more fruit the vines will produce. Pickle it or add it to your favorite summer beverage, cucumber will never fail to give you that refreshing summer vibe feeling.

4) Tomatoes

With cheese or as is, you can use tomatoes to a variety of Filipino and international dishes. A salad staple, tomatoes can add contrast, color and flavor to your greens while making sure that you have enough lycopene in your system. There are many varieties of this wonderful vegetable, but all are perfect for beginners.
SOW & GRO IT: Tomatoes love the sun! Be sure to pant your tomatoes in a site receiving full sun. You can plant your tomatoes any time of the year but it’s best to plant them towards the end of the summer season. Be sure to water them regularly and never forget to provide enough nutrients like Durabloom Pelletized or Foliar Organic Fertilizer to aid its growth and ensure big succulent fruits. When vines start to creep, be sure to provide trellis to aid its growth.
CONSUME IT: You can start picking your tomatoes when they’re red and big enough to your liking. Slice, dice, mince or just simply bite it. One can never feel guilty by consuming a piece or two. J

5) Dill

Ideal to be grown with cucumbers, it’s not a mystery why a lot of first time #growers test their “green thumbs” by planting dill. Aside from the fact that dill does a great job at controlling pests in your garden it also has a lot of uses in your kitchen. Use it as garnishing for your salmon or to flavor up your boring dips, dill does a lot for you with so little care.
SOW & GRO IT: Dill prefers direct sun but appreciates mild weather so it’s best to grow them after the summer season. Be sure to keep them watered regularly as they require water to survive.
CONSUME IT: You can start to harvest at any point between seedling and blooming. Everyone will thank you for using fresh dill in your dips and soups as they add amazing flavor to them. Remember to freeze your dill for later use! J

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