MNLGrowkits Joins the Storytelling Project Day 3 Program at Santa Cruz Laguna

February 8, 2016,  MNLGrowkits joined a session of The Storytelling Project (TSP) in Santa Cruz Laguna. Joined by students, they learned about the storybook Ang Kamatis ni Peles by Alberta Angeles.


Kids Planting Tomatoes for the Storytelling Project
Photo by Faith Melencio


Storytelling project is a non-profit organization committed to instilling the habit of reading to children as an enjoyable experience, a lovable activity to learn and an avenue to spark creativity. The organization have been known to cross rivers and conquer mountains just to reach remote communities to bring the joy of reading to every children residing there.


Kamatis ni Peles is a children’s storybook with Peles, a lazy grasshopper learning the values of hard work and patience through growing a tomato plant. Peles waited each day of the week until she got to harvest what she had sown.


Ate Vianka and Ate Abe of MNLGrowkits shared the experience of planting a tomato from a seed to the children, just what like Peles did. The children have been taught the basic steps from preparing the soil, sowing the seeds in the right depth, keeping the soil moist and properly marking each plant with their names. Just like what Peles did, the children are also inspired to shower their newly-planted tomato plant with love, hard work, patience and care.


Group Picture with the Kids at the Storytelling Project
Photo by Doc Dennis Dancel

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